The WTM Wellington Centre was founded by Simon Mackintosh in conjunction with his mother Heather Mackintosh, both of whom are long-time supporters of the WTM.

Simon Mackintosh, co-founder of the World Transformation Movement Wellington Centre, and daughter

Simon Mackintosh is a builder who was born in Wellington. He spent his primary school years in Auckland and his secondary school years boarding at Whanganui Collegiate. Simon was introduced to Jeremy Griffith’s work in 1994 and shortly after moved to Sydney, Australia, to directly assist the WTM in its promotion of these world-saving insights. Simon returned to New Zealand in 2013 with his New-Zealand born wife, Christine, with whom he shares a daughter, Maggie, and a passion and talent for music.

“I was always questioning my own behaviour, those around me and the world at large but it was only when I came across Jeremy Griffith and his writings and his supporters that I found a framework of understanding that could explain and dignify all the variety of human behaviour around me and within me. It was a very exciting and a very relieving time. I knew at once it was a very powerful explanation of what up until then had been murky waters. I have whole-heartedly supported Jeremy's explanations since this time and it is an honour and a pleasure to be able to stand by these explanations by setting up a Centre in New Zealand.”

Simon Mackintosh

Heather Mackintosh, co-founder of the World Transformation Movement Wellington Centre, at the beach with her dog

Heather Mackintosh was born in Wellington. She currently divides her time between Wellington and Taupo. She studied Physiotherapy at Otago University, and prior to having children was a practicing therapist. Heather later started a business importing silk clothing accessories, and finally became a colour consultant in a boutique paint company in Auckland, continuing in the franchise in Sydney in the 2000s when she and her partner lived there. In addition to Simon, Heather has three children who all live in the North Island of New Zealand. She too has been a long-standing advocate of Jeremy’s explanation of the human condition since coming across his work in the late 1990s alongside Simon.

“Once you understand Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition, there is no going back. I now view humans through an entirely different lens.”

Heather Mackintosh

Simon is a talented musician — a singer/songwriter who performs locally with his wife Christine in a musical duo. In 1999 he released the album On the Road to Find Out, featuring songs about the work of Jeremy Griffith and the World Transformation Movement. The following are the lyrics of his song Finally the Truth has Arrived, illustrating the power of this liberating information.

Finally the Truth has Arrived

  • Chorus:

    Finally the truth has arrived

    That liberates all mankind

    Finally the truth has arrived

    That justifies all mankind

    Verse 1:

    Listen to the song

    And all will be revealed

    All the truth you’ve ever known

    Need no more be concealed

    Verse 2:

    This story tells of anguish

    It nullifies the blame

    This story tells of courage

    It makes sense of all the pain

    Verse 3:

    Let’s go to the garden

    Though the story starts long before

    There we meet our ancestors

    Who opened the forbidden door

    Verse 4:

    They started chasing knowledge

    To satisfy their mind

    They had only trial and error

    And their soul to be the guide.

    Verse 5:

    Their soul knew universal love

    But it did not understand

    That a growing mind must make mistakes

    To take its rightful place in man.

    Verse 6:

    The criticism came thick and fast

    Dylan’s persecutor within

    One’s nature neither honours nor forgives

    We came to live in sin.

  • Verse 7:

    The battle then was raging

    The compromise brought terror and pain

    Intellect starting fighting back

    As Abel was killed by Cain.

    Verse 8:

    As anger and confusion grew

    The prophets came bringing love

    Moses laid down his Almighty laws

    To stop the hatred and the blood.

    Verse 9:

    Christ came to bring the message

    Of Universal love

    He understood the compromise

    He could forgive us all the deeds we’ve done

    Verse 10:

    The Holy Spirit rests in the mind of man

    It’s the whole truth in rational terms

    We marched into Hell for a Heavenly Cause

    This Holy Grail soothes all our burns.

    Verse 11:

    Science is the Liberator

    It fought the battle, took up the sword

    The wall of ignorance came tumbling down

    Truth’s beauty is our reward.

    Verse 12:

    This story is not doctrine

    It’s the story of mankind

    It belongs to every one of us

    We can leave the horror behind.